Give Waste Oil for Environment Get Money Period in Bursa

Give Waste Oil for Environment in Bursa, Get Money Period. Osmangazi Municipality's project titled "Don't Have Any Obstacles to Collect Waste Oils Separately", which was developed for the purpose of protecting nature and the environment and raising environmental awareness, was carried out by President Mustafa Dundar. [more…]


New Trend Ponytail Herb in Shampoo

The New Trend Horsetail Plant in Shampoo. It has been reported that horsetail shampoo, which has made its name known in the world in a short time and has just started to be used in Turkey, prevents hair loss, thickens the hair strand and gives shine. for horses in america [more…]


Department of Biochemistry Opened at Dumlupınar University

Department of Biochemistry Opened at Dumlupınar University. Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPU) Head of Biochemistry Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor Metin Bülbül, announced that the Department of Biochemistry was opened at DPU. Developing technologies have improved their fields of expertise, and these developments are also [more…]


Wind Will Clean the Greenhouse Gas

The wind will clean the greenhouse gas. GAMA Energy started the construction of the 35 MW capacity Gök II Wind Power Plant in Manisa, where the world's most advanced wind turbines will be used. Gök II Wind Energy, which will be put into operation in 2014 [more…]


Chemical waste ends the Black Sea

Chemical waste ends the Black Sea. In the survey carried out in 6 countries bordering the sea within the scope of the Black Sea Ecosystem Improvement Project (BSERP), which was formed by the cooperation of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, besides Turkey, an interesting finding was found. [more…]


The danger in fake perfume

The danger in fake perfume. Associate Professor. Burhan Engin said, 'Using fake perfume means harming your skin, your skin and your most sensitive areas. Istanbul University (IU) Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology Teaching [more…]


Chemical regulation changed, worker became employee

The chemical regulation has changed, the worker has become an employee. In jobs where chemical substances are used, 'non-hazardous' or 'less dangerous' chemicals will be used instead of 'dangerous' substances. In the regulation that brought new rules on the subject, the word 'worker' is also 'employee'. [more…]


New regulation for those working with chemicals

New regulation for those who work with chemical substances. The employer will be convicted of preventing the exposure of employees to these substances and, if this is not possible, minimizing it. In addition, if the dose specified in some substances is exceeded, its production will be banned. with chemicals [more…]