List of Vacancies in 2013 ÖSYS and Details

Woodworking Industrial Engineering, German Language and Literature, German Language Teaching, Horticulture, Fisheries Technology Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Science Education, Statistics, Geophysics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mathematics, The quotas were not filled in departments such as Forest Industry Engineering, Forest Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Aquaculture Engineering, Dairy Technology, Agricultural Machinery, Field Crops, Textile Engineering, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Zootechnics.

In 2013 ÖSYS, 338 thousand 127 people were placed in the 323 thousand 205 quotas of state universities in formal undergraduate programs. 14 thousand 922 quotas remained empty.

What are the University Registration Documents?

Candidates need to prepare the following documents for registration:
*Original of the diploma received from the secondary education institution or a newly dated graduation certificate
*If the candidate is placed using a coefficient of 0.15 or an additional score, or by passing without an exam, but the field is not specified in his diploma or graduation certificate, the official document showing which school and field he graduated from.
*For male candidates born in 1989 and previous years, military service status document to be obtained from the military branches
*6 photos of 12 cm X 4,5 cm, taken from the front in the last 6 months, in such a way that you can easily introduce the candidate
*Document regarding payment of contribution fee
*Other documents to be determined before registration and announced by the university.
In the ÖSYS Higher Education Programs and Quotas guide of ÖSYM, it is stated that higher education students have to comply with the legal regulations that have been formed by the decisions given by the higher judicial bodies regarding attire.
Candidates must personally apply to the university they won at the university for registration. There will be no postal registration. Unapproved copies or photocopies of the documents required for registration will not be accepted. If the documents are missing, the registration will not be made. The candidate who does not register between the specified dates will not be able to claim any rights. Higher education institutions will be able to request a health board report from candidates who will register.
Additional placements will be made to the quotas that will remain vacant after registration at universities and to the quotas that remain vacant during the central placement.

CLICK to see the Undergraduate Programs (Full List) whose Quotas have not been filled in 2013 ÖSYS



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