International Saving and Recycling Success from Abdi İbrahim

Abdi İbrahim's International Achievement in Saving and Recycling.Abdi İbrahim presented the United Nations Global Compact's Third Progress Report to the public's attention. According to the notice, the company has increased its recycling efforts along with saving electricity and water.

Within the scope of its corporate social responsibility activities, Abdi İbrahim presented the United Nations Global Compact Third Progress Notice, which underlined that it is a corporate citizen who is aware of its social responsibilities for a sustainable life. With the report, the company documented the activities it created in the name of sustainability and the social benefit. The company, which supports its environmental sustainability efforts with effective resource use practices, saved 2012 cubic meters of water, which corresponds to the one-month water needs of 1.200 houses and the one-year water needs of 100 houses, as a result of the efficiency studies it carried out in 16.880. In 2012, the company achieved an increase of 12% in paper and cardboard recycling, 18% in glass recycling and 26% in metal recycling. In terms of electricity consumption, it once again demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources by providing savings equivalent to one year's energy needs of a campus with 100 residences.

While 2012 hours of environmental training were provided by the company to 735 people in total in 52, the Voluntary Environmental Education Project was also implemented to raise awareness of its employees and their families. While the company broke new ground in the sector, it has the first certified energy manager in Turkey under 2000 TEP, which was awarded in the YES (Most Efficient Industrial Facility) and EVUP (Most Efficient Application Project) categories at the same time. It was the first company to sign a Volunteering Agreement with EIE.


The company supports sustainable development and the creation of a livable environment. Stating that they are working in an effort to make corporate sustainability efforts more qualified and comprehensive, Abdi İbrahim President Nezih Barut said, “As Abdi İbrahim, we achieved successful results with the social responsibility projects we carried out by ensuring the participation of a wide range of stakeholders. We are extremely proud to have published the Global Compact for the third time.”GLONAL


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