Financial Support for Medicines from the Science and Technology High Council

Financial Support for Medicine from the Science and Technology High Council. In line with the decision taken, it is preparing to give 'domestic' incentives to the drug.
Aiming to reduce imported drugs, to which Turkey gives 5 billion liras annually, the government aims to produce drugs used in the treatment of cancer, gene therapy and cardiovascular diseases in Turkey. Financial support will be given to researchers within the scope of the project, which started with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's call for 'national medicine'. Those who will apply for support will be able to conduct clinical studies in areas such as reducing the dose of the drug and increasing its effectiveness.


The government is taking the first step towards clinical research in the development of new and domestic drugs. With the support program carried out jointly by the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Health, it is aimed to increase the number of clinical studies that are lacking in Turkey compared to developed countries. In this context, clinical studies of new active pharmaceutical ingredients will be supported within a maximum of three-year programs. Thus, monetary R&D incentives will be provided for project proposals in which natural, synthetic, biological and biotechnological substances are clinically investigated. Within the scope of the call, newly developed active substances in the field of cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases and rare diseases will be investigated.


Within the scope of the support, new combinations of existing drugs will also be clinically researched for innovative purposes. Research to be carried out for purposes such as gene therapy, cancer vaccine, reducing the dose of drugs and preventing side effects will be included in the support. They can apply to the project in cooperation with academia and industry or with sponsor companies.


Source : medimagazin

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