Department of Biochemistry Opened at Dumlupınar University

Department of Biochemistry Opened at Dumlupınar University. Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPU) Head of Biochemistry Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor Metin Bülbül, announced that the Department of Biochemistry was opened at DPU.

Noting that developing technologies have developed areas of expertise, and these developments require sub-specialties, Assoc. Metin Bülbül stated the following: “The branch of chemistry; It is divided into sub-branches such as Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Each of these sub-disciplines has become a separate branch of science on its own. These branches of science interact with many different disciplines. When we consider the sub-branch of Biochemistry; This branch of science interacts with branches of medicine such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Food, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Preventive Medicine, Dietetics, Toxicology and Microbiology. With the scientific studies in the Department of Biochemistry, the need for materials and materials in these branches of science should be met.”

Prof.Dr.Metin Bülbül gave the following information about biochemical study areas: “Development of kits required in the field of medicine and serum etc. production of solutions. Identification, development and application of chemicals that may be veterinary drugs on experimental animals. Finding alternative food sources in the field of food and producing new foods by biotransformation. Obtaining more durable generation and more durable products with cloning, transplantation and hybridization studies carried out in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Regulation of natural fertilizer and hormone contents in order to obtain organic products in agriculture and evaluation of non-economic vegetable resources as biomass, biogas and biogasoline. Obtaining substances that can be used as drugs in the field of pharmacy and studying the effects of these compounds in vitro (on enzymes) and in vivo (on experimental animals and humans). Determining which vitamins are involved in which metabolic pathways and steps in preventive medicine, finding the factors causing the disease and taking precautions for the disease in advance. Organizing a balanced diet by looking at biochemical data in dietetics, developing new food supplements and dietary products. Biochemical solutions presented according to poisoning types in toxicology and evaluation of the reactions received. Many examples can be given to these fields of study, such as the production of biochemicals such as enzymes, proteins and carbohydrates, which are necessary for industrial and scientific studies in microbiology, with bacteria and fungi, which is a natural and economical way.”

Stating that although there are many research areas related to biochemistry, there are very few studies in these areas in our country, Assoc. Metin Bülbül said, “The kits used in the diagnosis and analysis of the disease and most of the drugs we use are still imported from abroad. As a university, the Department of Biochemistry was opened within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of our university in order to find solutions for production in these areas and to develop new products by working on these solutions, and at the same time to meet the need for qualified personnel that our country needs. In our department, studies are carried out on pharmaceutical biochemistry, natural medicine design, enzyme technologies, biosensors, nanotechnological biopolymers, cancer nanobiosensors and natural fuel cells. Dumlupınar University Department of Biochemistry; With its young and dynamic staff and interdisciplinary studies, it aims to train undergraduate and graduate students with a broad scientific horizon and researcher identity. For this purpose, 2013 students will be admitted to the Biochemistry Department in the 2014-30 academic year OSYM supplementary placement. In the Spring semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, it is aimed to admit students to the Master's program. Since the Department of Biochemistry gives the title of YÖK, Biochemist and Chemist to its graduates, the Biochemist and Chemist needs of the graduates of our department and industrial and hospital laboratories will be met. At the same time, new scientists with broad scientific horizons will be brought to the world of science.”



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