DYO started initiatives to acquire the 78-year-old Italian brand

DYO started initiatives to acquire the 78-year-old Italian brand. DYO Boya announced that it has held talks on the acquisition of the Casati brand from Italian Colorificio Casati Spa and business transfer from Casati Turkey.
A brief statement on the subject was made by DYO Boya to the Public Disclosure Platform.


Founded by the Italian Ernesto Casati in 1935, Casati company produced brushes and paint materials. In addition to water-based paints, the company also started to produce lacquers. The second generation handled the production in 1972. The company, which stopped the production of brushes in 1974, focused entirely on paint production. The company, which produced Casati Color machines that could produce 1990 million 1 thousand colors in 300, today serves with 1200 dyeing machines in 200 stores in Italy. The company's production reaches 36 thousand tons per year in facilities spread over 20 square meters. Casati has 60 employees.


The history of DYO, one of Turkey's leading paint manufacturers, goes back to the late 1920s. The shop opened by Durmuş Yaşar in İzmir in 1927 is also the first milestone for DYO. When it comes to 1941, production starts. The name of the company comes from the abbreviation of Durmuş Yaşar Oğulları.


source: hurriyet

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