A Watch Made Using Ytterbium Can Measure Time With One Quintillion Accuracy

American scientists announced that they have made the most accurate clock in the world, which works 10 times better than any other atomic clock.
According to the research published in the journal "Science Express", a watch made using the element ytterbium can measure time with an accuracy of one quintillion.
Mechanical clocks use pendulum rhythm to measure intervals of time, while atomic clocks are based on electromagnetic signals of light emitted by electrons in a cesium atom at a certain frequency. The exchange of atoms between the two energy levels is initiated by another laser, which processes 10 trillion times per second.
It has been learned that the watch, developed by the experts of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, will be used in navigation systems, magnetic fields and heat-related technologies as well as measuring time. The research is supported by the Defense Advanced Projects Agency and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


source : news.mynet

Günceleme: 25/08/2013 20:15

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