Oil production by water separation method in Canada causes great harm to the environment

Oil production by water separation method in Canada causes great harm to the environment. The opinion that Canada, its neighbor to the north of the USA, is an environmentally sensitive country is widespread all over the world. However, for example, the crude oil to be shipped from the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the construction of which will be decided by the US President, is extracted in Canada. However, it is stated that the environment suffers greatly during the production process using the water separation method.


Violet Cheechem Clarke is an elder of the indigenous tribe of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. “The water is so polluted that it is no longer possible to drink from streams or fountains,” says 85-year-old Violet. “We can't even give this water to animals to drink anymore.” not rich in oil. It is said that there is corruption and that some locals do profitable business with crude oil companies.


Crude oil production in Alberta started in 1967. It is stated that although this region is like a crude oil sea, oil production is difficult because special and expensive techniques are needed to separate the oil. Large amounts of water are needed for this complex separation process. However, while the wastewater in the houses can be cleaned and reused later, the water used for separation during crude oil extraction cannot be reused.

Greg Stringham of Canadian Petroleum Producer (CAPP) emphasizes that the relevant industry sector is trying to reduce water consumption in oil production and filter the water from the dirty mixture more quickly. Stringham assures that the water used during production is reused in the collection ponds and that nothing enters the natural environment.
“There are signs that the water is polluted”

The 53-year-old environmentalist Tony Boschmann, who is constantly on the hunt for those who harm the environment, does not believe what Stringham says and says that he detected a special situation in the groundwater of the Athabasca river: “The chemical mixture of the water mixed with the bottom of the river and the natural water of the river were completely different from each other. And a layer of sediment of up to 30 to 40 kilometers had formed on the banks of the river.”

However, environmentalist Boschmann states that the government rarely takes action against it, says that they warned the relevant authorities and hoped that they would initiate a detailed investigation, but in the end they saw that nothing was done.


Doctor John O'Connor, who has spent 15 years examining the settlements of Fort McKay and Fort McMurray, is also among those concerned. Doctor O'Connor found an increase in gallbladder cancer diseases between 2003 and 2005. Dr. O'Connor says: “No one is arguing that this increase in cancer cases has anything to do with crude oil production. But when we look at the individual cases of cancer, that is, the number of diseases and the poisons that pass into the environment and the food chain during the crude oil production process, a connection can be made between these and many types of cancer diseases.

However, physician O'Connor also states that he witnessed that the relevant authorities did not deal with these cases at all. However, it is pointed out that not only the water is polluted in oil production, but also 6 to 9 percent more greenhouse effect gases occur in the production process than in conventional production.


Graciela Chichilnisky, an economist who is among the developers of the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, states that it is a wrong way for Canada to produce more crude oil with the water separation method and export it to China and Europe: I don't think he would have much of an interest in selling large quantities of oil products to China. In my opinion, Canada is an amazing country with smart people and excellent technologies, so it should prioritize creating clean energy sources. This is the kind of economy we desire.”


Source : ntvmsnbc

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