Chemical waste ends the Black Sea

Chemical waste ends the Black Sea. An interesting result was obtained in the survey conducted in 6 countries bordering the sea within the scope of the Black Sea Ecosystem Improvement Project (BSERP), which was formed by the coming together of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, as well as Turkey. According to the results of the survey, it was revealed that the Black Sea countries were not aware of the pollution.

A 23-question survey conducted in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia revealed the point of view of the riparian countries on the Black Sea. According to this, 57 percent of the respondents from Turkey see the ignorance of the people about this issue as the biggest obstacle to the protection of the Black Sea. In other countries, 40 percent of respondents see it as the insensitivity of governments.

According to the survey, when the Black Sea is mentioned, 36 percent of Turkish people think of fishing. In other countries, 34 percent of the respondents said that when the Black Sea is mentioned, they think of summer holidays and entertainment.

The common view of 77 percent of the countries participating in the survey is that it is very important for them to be healthy in the Black Sea region. While 34 percent of the respondents in Turkey think that protecting the Black Sea is very important for future generations, the common view in other countries is that it is important for summer holidays and entertainment.


The consensus of 21 percent of respondents from all countries is that the biggest cause of pollution comes from factories and their chemical wastes. The second most important cause of pollution in Turkey was the development above its capacity on the coastline.

In the evaluation made according to the results of the survey, the following opinions were given: “Due to the bad agricultural conditions around the Black Sea, thousands of tons of nitrogen and phosphate residues are poured directly into the Black Sea without any treatment. These residues are the main cause of pollution in the Black Sea. Governments need to define a strategy for better conditions for factories located around the Black Sea and for commissioning treatment plants. Among those who responded to the survey, only

9 percent of the population is aware that pollution is caused by wrong agricultural practices and their wastes. The vast majority are unaware of the real causes of pollution. The common view of 27 percent of the respondents is that protecting the Black Sea is the responsibility of governments and local administrations. Respondents from Turkey, unlike other countries, think that local administrations and everyone living in the Black Sea are equally responsible.”
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