Chemical companies bring the EU's 'bee-harmful pesticide ban' to the judiciary

Chemical companies brought the EU's 'ban on pesticides harmful to bees' to the judiciary. Swiss Syngenta and German Bayer companies announced that they will take the decision of the European Commission to ban pesticides, which are suspected to have an effect on the decrease in the bee population, to the judiciary.
The two companies, which decided to take action before the European Court of Justice, announced their decisions separately.

"We would have preferred not to take legal action, but we were left with no other choice as we believe the Commission has incorrectly linked thiamethoxam to a decline in bee health," said John Atkin, Syngenta Chief Operating Officer.

In Germany, a Bayer spokesperson said agrochemicals division CropScience submitted its complaint in mid-month and requested more clarity for future investments.

The European Commission introduced a temporary ban on thiamethoxam produced by Syngenta last May. The commission also banned two pesticides produced by Bayer, and later extended the bans to another pesticide produced by another German chemical company, BASF.

The companies argue that their products cannot be attributed to the decrease in the bee population.


source : euractiv

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