The Chemistry Industry Waits for the Medicinal Aromatic Plants Center in Afyonkarahisar to come to life

The Chemical Industry is waiting for the Medicinal Aromatic Plants Center in Afyonkarahisar to come to life. Eskişehir Regional Director of Forestry Recep Ateş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Center to be established within the Afyonkarahisar Directorate of Forestry will use thyme, lavender and mushrooms to grow in various forest areas. He said they will grow many plants.

Expressing that they will teach the citizens to grow plants in the center, Ateş said:

“Our center will set an example for Turkey. We will teach everyone who is interested in the cultivation of the plants here and also tell about the harvest. In the laboratories and workshops established here, we will obtain whatever active substances can be obtained in the light of today's chemistry science. Medicinal and aromatic plants are used in the health and cosmetics industries.”

Ateş reminded that the method of herbal treatment, especially in China, dates back to ancient times, and continued as follows:

“We want to introduce the species that grow naturally in our rural lands and forests to the society and increase their use, thereby increasing the gross product of our country. Another pillar of the project is to promote the planting and harvesting of these plants in the agricultural lands here. By paving the way for the private sector, the chemical industry will make better use of medicinal and aromatic plants. Today, we sell many of the plants we grow in raw form. For example, we collect laurel and sell it as leaves. If we turn it into a final product and sell it as processed, our country's income will be high. For this reason, we started this center to set an example and lead.”

- Villagers can also produce

Stating that the medicinal and aromatic plants grown in Turkey are exported as raw materials to various centers of the world where the chemical industry is developed, and that they are returned as a product after being processed there, Ateş said, “For example, we buy back an effective cream for facial wrinkles at a very high price. A processed box of the product, whose weight we give for 1 lira, comes back to us for 100 liras. The chemical industry of our country should also focus on this issue so that we can reach the target.

Explaining that once the center becomes operational, they will be able to make production for the villagers according to demand, Ateş said that the center has a function such as both education and promotion.

Ateş added that the cost of the Medicinal Aromatic Plants Center will be 2.5 million TL and that the first phase of the project will be completed in December.


Source :beyaznewspaper

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