New regulation for those working with chemicals

New regulation for those who work with chemical substances. The employer will be convicted of preventing the exposure of employees to these substances and, if this is not possible, minimizing it. In addition, if the dose specified in some substances is exceeded, its production will be prohibited.

A new regulation has been introduced for workplaces working with chemical substances. Accordingly, the employer will be obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent the exposure of workers to these substances, when this is not possible, to minimize them and to protect workers from the dangers of these substances while working with chemical substances.


The Regulation on Health and Safety Measures of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Working with Chemicals was published in today's issue of the Official Gazette. The regulation, which aims to determine the minimum conditions to protect the health of the employees and to provide a safe working environment from the existing or possible risks arising from the effects of chemical substances used in the workplace or processed in any way, is covered by the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, where chemical substances are present, used or any It will cover all workplaces where it is traded in some way.


Work with hazardous chemical substances will be carried out with the least number of employees, the amount of substances to which the workers will be exposed and the exposure time will be ensured to be at the lowest level possible, and the amount of chemicals to be used in the workplace will be kept to a minimum. The workplace building and its annexes will always be kept neat and clean, and appropriate and sufficient conditions will be provided for the personal cleaning of the employees.


Necessary arrangements will be made for the most appropriate processing, use, transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals, wastes and residues at the workplace, and instead of hazardous chemicals, non-hazardous or less dangerous chemicals will be used in terms of the health and safety of employees.


In order to protect workers from health and safety risks arising from "2-naphthylamine and its salts", "4-aminodiphenyl and its salts", "Benzidine and its salts" and "4-nitrodiphenyl" or the processes in which these substances are used, if these substances are found in excess of the specified ratios, The production, use and processing of substances will be prohibited.

With the publication of this regulation, the Regulation on Health and Safety Precautions in Working with Chemical Substances published in the Official Gazette dated 26/12/2003 and numbered 25328 was also repealed.


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