Chemical regulation changed, worker became employee

The chemical regulation has changed, the worker has become an employee. In jobs where chemical substances are used, 'non-hazardous' or 'less dangerous' chemicals will be used instead of 'dangerous' substances.
In the regulation that brought new rules on the subject, the word 'worker' was changed to 'employee'. The Regulation on Health and Safety Precautions in Working with Chemical Substances was published in the Official Gazette in order to “protect the health of employees from the existing or potential risks arising from the effects of chemical substances in the workplace, used or processed in any way, and to determine the minimum conditions to provide a safe working environment”. published. Accordingly, the employer will be obliged to take all necessary measures to prevent the exposure of workers to these substances, when this is not possible, to minimize it when working with chemical substances, and to protect workers from the dangers of these substances.

In the regulation, in which the word 'worker' was changed to 'employee', it was emphasized that a new activity involving dangerous chemicals would only be started after risk assessment and all kinds of precautionary measures were taken. In the regulation, the factors to be considered in the risk assessment to be made in working with chemical substances are listed as follows: Hazards and damages of the chemical substance in terms of health and safety. Turkish material safety data sheet to be obtained from manufacturers, importers or sellers. Type, level and duration of exposure. The amount of chemical substance, usage conditions and frequency of use. The effect of preventive measures taken or to be taken. Results of previous health surveillance, if any. In works with more than one chemical substance, each of these substances and their interactions with each other.


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