Kolada Caramel Scandal: Cancer-Causing Dye Banned in US

Cola Caramel Scandal: The Paint Causing Cancer Has Been Banned In The USA. Another carbonated beverage company has discovered caramel dye, which is a carcinogenic substance. In the analyzes made in the USA, the substance (methyl imidazole) used in the company to give the caramel color and causing lung, liver, thyroid and blood cancers in animals was detected.

Banned in the USA
Acting on this, the company in the state of California in the USA was warned that this substance should be reduced or not used completely, otherwise the beverage would not be taken into the state borders. The company then took action and reduced the rate of this substance in those states.
Penalty for Exceeding the Legal Limit
No changes have been made yet for this beverage, which is also sold well in Turkey. It is stipulated that these substances, which are named as “E150c” and E150d” in Turkey, must have a maximum of 250 milligrams per kilogram. In the "Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Food Additives" of the Ministry of Food, "During the production of caramels, the substance named methyl imidazole is formed during the production of additives E 150c (ammonia caramel) and E 150d (ammonium sulfide caramel). In the additive coded E 150c and E 150d, it should not be more than 250mg/kg”. The Ministry of Food, which examines the company, will apply the necessary sanctions if the carcinogenic substance is found to be high as a result of the analyzes to be made.


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