The ship that will revolutionize oil exploration: HiLoad DP!

The ship that will revolutionize oil exploration: HiLoad DP! A revolutionary method in oil exploration techniques will be tried for the first time in Brazil. The oil platform HiLoad DP, the product of the Remora project, named after the Remora fish, which is produced in Norway and survives by sticking to other fish, departed for Brazil to be tested for the first time.

This oil extraction platform, 47 meters high and 28 meters long, was produced by combining two giant cranes. The floating platform is poised to become the world's strangest shaped ship. Its feature is that it makes it extremely simple to extract and load oil in the seas.

HiLoad DP can be easily mounted on standard tankers. Instead of a fixed offshor platform, these tankers can move and extract oil from deep. These oils can be loaded into oil tankers where they are mounted in a short time.

This ship, produced by the Norwegian company Remora AS, cost 55 million dollars. According to the 10-year contract between Brazilian state oil company Petrobras and Teekay company, owner of Remora AS, hundreds of floating oil platforms Hiload DP will be delivered to Brazil.

One-third of the world's oil production comes from the sea. However, there are many ocean fields where conventional offshore platforms cannot be established, which is already an expensive method, and therefore oil cannot be extracted.

The Brazilian government aims to double oil production with this move. Currently, 21 Hiload DP oil extraction platforms are being produced for the Petrobras company.

Experts predict that this method will be widely used in the near future, especially by oil countries on the ocean coast.

According to Douglas-Westwood, one of the largest consulting companies in the energy sector, 4 billion dollars will be spent on such portable oil platforms in 91 years.

The HiLoad DP is a ship that can move at 3 knots per hour with a crew of only 4 people. In addition, it can be mounted on tankers with a tonnage of up to 160 thousand.

Extracting the oil and loading it into the tanker can take between 24 and 30 hours.


Source : Enerjipostasi

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