The pharmaceutical industry has also been added to the rapidly increasing reverse brain drain in Turkey.

The pharmaceutical industry has also been added to the reverse brain drain that is rapidly increasing in Turkey. CVs are pouring into Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals from the USA. Especially, 150% of the 10 scientists working at Abdi İbrahim, which receives intense job applications from the USA, are foreigners.
In recent years, great strides have been taken in the field of science and technology in Turkey. With the comfortable working environments provided to scientists and the growth of resources allocated to R&D, reverse brain drain is also increasing rapidly. In Turkey, which is now a center of attraction for scientists, the developments in the field of medicine have great repercussions in the world. Abdi İbrahim Human Resources Director Hakan Önel says that they receive intense applications from abroad, especially from the USA, from Turks and foreigners working in the field of biotechnology. Önel said, “In the past, scientists could not find a job in Turkey other than the academic field. Today, great importance is given to science and R&D. This attracts scientists,” he says. Stating that 150 scientists conduct research at Abdi İbrahim's R&D Center, Önel states that 10 percent of this is made up of foreigners.

Abdi İbrahim, where a total of 3 people are employed, has 400 foreign employees. Emphasizing that human resources management has become a culture within the company, Önel states that they have implemented development programs that serve different needs in this direction. Önel said, “We believe that employee loyalty and motivation bring performance. In this way, we aim to create and expand a culture that values ​​participatory, self-responsibility and team play.” Noting that they believe that they can achieve their company goals with common sense, continuous improvement, innovative ideas and suggestions, Önal continues his words as follows: “We have implemented a suggestion system that aims to receive the suggestions of our employees, to implement them in the name of efficiency and innovation, and to reward them in line with the profits they have made. We call this the AIDEA Suggestion System. Our goal is to spread the practice among all our employees.”


Source : istinsan

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