International Petroleum and Natural Gas University established in Turkmenistan

The International Petroleum and Natural Gas University was established in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan joined the International Universities Association.
The Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, has been accepted to the International Association of Universities. The Turkmen administration, satisfied with the inclusion of the higher education institution in its country among reputable universities, gave the said institute an international status. With the decision of President Berdimuhamedov, the current institute will be upgraded to the position of International Oil and Natural Gas University.

In the new university, qualified personnel will be trained for the oil and natural gas sector. For this, it is also aimed to invite lecturers and academicians from abroad.

The said institute opened its doors to students in the 2012-2013 academic year. The campus of the educational institution, built by the Turkish Renaissance company, is located on an area of ​​30 hectares. The 18-storey administrative building of the institute resembles an oil rig. The educational institution collaborates with world-renowned energy companies Petronas and Total.

Turkmenistan is one of the most important natural gas supplier countries in Central Asia and the Caspian basin. Currently, the customers of Turkmen gas are Russia, China and Iran.

According to the data of the BP company, Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of natural gas reserves, after Russia, Iran and Qatar. The Galkyns gas field in the country is known as the second largest natural gas field in the world with its reserves of 26,2 trillion cubic meters.

Meanwhile, the International Universities Association, which operates with the support of many respected organizations such as UNESCO and OECD, is still the largest organization in the world with many universities from various continents of the world as members. Universities that comply with the determined criteria are accepted to the union, which has 2007 members at the beginning of 614. Headquartered in Paris, France, the union was established to bring together all universities in the world, to open up key issues in higher education and research for discussion, and to ensure development in this regard.


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