A new element has been discovered: 'Ununpentium'

A new element has been discovered: 'Ununpentium' German and Swedish scientists announced that they have found an element that they describe as "super-heavy" and that they are ready to fill the 115th box of the periodic table in a short time.
This element, which has not yet been officially named, is now called "ununpentium", which means "one-one-five" in Latin and Greek.

In a statement made by Lund University yesterday, it was stated that the findings supported the claims of new elements made by US and Russian scientists about 10 years ago, but could not be proven.

Dirk Rudolph, professor of nuclear physics, said, "We have carried out an experiment that is very successful and is among the most important in this field in recent years."

To obtain 'ununpentium', experts passed a very fast beam of calcium through a thin film of americium at the GSI research facility in Germany. When two substances collided, atoms with 115 protons emerged.

The name of this new element, currently ununpentium, will likely change after it is approved by experts from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and Chemistry.

The neighbors of ununpentium in the periodic table are two man-made elements; flerovium with mass number 114 and livermorium with mass number 116.


source : hurriyet

Günceleme: 28/08/2013 19:09

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