US State Department: New global actor in the Caspian region energy field

In the report prepared by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the US Department of State announced that the Caspian region will become the new global actor in the field of energy.

In the report, which stated that the Caspian region is the oldest region in the world in terms of oil deposits, it was emphasized that the oil extracted is of extremely high quality and very valuable.

In the report published after the first oil was produced in Kashagan, Kazakhstan's richest and the world's most expensive oil field, it was noted that there are extremely important and strategic oil and gas reserves in the region, covering sea and land areas.

Emphasizing that Kazakhstan is growing rapidly in the global energy arena, EIA stated that the USA is very interested in this region.

Kazakh Political Scientist Talgat Mamıraimov, who made an evaluation on the announced report, said that it was very natural for the USA to be interested in energy and natural gas in this region.

Pointing out that the USA is looking for new routes and fields due to the uncertainty and constant tensions in the Persian Gulf regarding the energy fields in this region, Talgat Mamiraimov pointed out that the oil and natural gas fields in the Arab and Gulf countries will become insufficient in time.

Pointing out that the newly found oil reserves in the Caspian region, especially in Kashagan, have considerable reserves, Talgat Mamiraimov said that the oil reserves found in the region so far are 48 billion barrels, and the natural gas reserves are 3 trillion cubic meters.


Kazakh Political Scientist Talgat Mamiraimov interpreted the USA's interest in energy and natural gas in this region as perfectly normal, but warned that the interests of China, which has the largest economy in the region, should not be ignored.

Expressing that the USA has made every effort to strengthen its position in the region, Mamiraimov said: “There is no doubt that China and Russia are one of the most important actors of the energy activity in the region. The United States will initially consider increasing its military and political presence in Central Asia.” he said.


Kazakh Political Analyst Rustam Burnashev, who spoke about the report prepared by the EIA, believes that the reserves in the region will not increase the interest of the USA. According to Burnashe, he said that the US is already closely interested in the existing oil and energy fields in the region, and that the British-US partnership oil companies own 40 percent of the oil and gas fields in the region. Pointing out that the USA is mostly interested in oil fields in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia, Burnashev stated that the extra investments to be made here will be much more costly for the USA.

The first oil was produced last week in Kashagan, Kazakhstan's richest and the world's most expensive oil field; In the statement made, it was emphasized that a historic step was taken in the development of these oil fields, which is one of the largest and world-wide most complex industrial projects discovered in the last 40 years.

The oil, which has started to be extracted as a result of investments of approximately 10 billion dollars to extract oil, is expected to change the balance in oil production in the region.

Kashagan, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, is the largest oil field discovered since 1968. Kashagan oil fields are among the top 5 in the world in terms of reserve size.

Kashagan deposits are jointly operated by Kazakhstan national oil and gas company Kazmunaygaz, Italian oil giant Eni, US-based Exxon Mobil and Dutch-British partnership Shell.
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