6 Universities from Turkey in Science Field Rankings!

6 Universities from Turkey in Science Field Rankings !The “QS Science Field Based World University Rankings”, which is prepared by the evaluation of academic reputation, employer surveys, citations per publication and H-index indicator, lists the world's best 30 universities in 400 fields of science. It managed to enter the QS field rankings with METU 12, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) 7, Bilkent 5, Boğaziçi and Istanbul University 2 and Hacettepe University 1 science field from Turkey.

Head of METU Informatics URAP Laboratory Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut stated that the rapid rise of Turkish universities in the world rankings increased the interest shown by the press, academicians, student candidates and parents to this issue, and said, “The success of Turkish universities has become a source of pride for everyone. In many countries, especially in the USA, university candidates and their families closely examine the world rankings at the stage of preference. That's why lists are important," he said.

Explaining that this situation has led to an increase in the recognition of universities in the world, Akbulut said that since 2010, as URAP Laboratory, they have published the rankings of the top 2 world universities. Expressing that they aim to help the scientific community, students and parents in this way, Akbulut said that they will announce the report, which presents the 2013 rankings made by other institutions, at the end of the year.

Explaining that Turkish universities managed to rank among the best universities in the field of science as well as in the general rankings in the world in 2013, Akbulut stated that METU, Bilkent and Boğaziçi Universities succeeded in entering the top 2013 in the 500 world university rankings of QS.

Stating that Koç, Sabancı and Istanbul Technical Universities are in the 501-600 band, Hacettepe and Istanbul Universities are in the 601-700 band, and Çukurova University is in the 700 and above band, Akbulut said that the position of Turkish universities in the last ranking list made by QS in 30 fields of science. reported summarized.
Noting that Turkish universities are also among the best world universities in the QS science fields ranking, Akbulut said:
“METU ranked in the fields of arts and humanities, engineering and technology, natural sciences, social sciences and management, chemical engineering, statistics-operation research, civil engineering, economics-econometrics, electrical-electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics and education. ITU, engineering and technology, natural sciences, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and material sciences, Bilkent University engineering and technology, social sciences and management, philosophy, politics-international studies and economics-econometrics, Istanbul University Life sciences-medicine and law, Boğaziçi University in engineering and technology and social sciences-management, and Hacettepe University in life sciences-medical sciences were among the top 400.”

Expressing that Koç, Sabancı and Çukurova Universities, which are in the general ranking, are not included in the science field rankings, Akbulut also drew attention to the fact that METU was ranked 51-100 for the second time in the field of civil engineering in the field lists.

Akbulut added to the list of those who want to examine the position of universities in detail in general and field-based rankings.http://tr.urapcenter.org” He said he can reach me at



Source : Hurriyet

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