We Did It! Turkish chemists succeeded in blocking electromagnetic radiation with the paint they developed.

We Did It! Turkish chemists succeeded in blocking electromagnetic radiation with the paint they developed. The R&D team of a local company that produces paints in Ankara Elmadağ succeeded in preventing electromagnetic radiation with the paint they have been working on for almost three years.

Thanks to the paint developed by Turkish chemists, electromagnetic radiation can be prevented by 99 percent. The developed paint was approved by Istanbul Technical University and the Chamber of Physics Engineers. Chemical engineer Ercan Tokdemir achieved a great success with the paint he has been working on for 3 years with the R&D team he created.

Normal paint is applied on the paint applied to the wall in the form of primer paint. It is stated that the use of the paint in children's rooms, in all living spaces, including hospitals and schools, will prevent electromagnetic radiation. The product has been approved by the Istanbul Technical University electrical and electronics laboratories, the chamber of physics engineers. In addition, a patent application was made for the paint.


There is another similar paint in the world, but it is not preferred because it contains heavy lead. Lead material poses a danger to human health, and there is no harm in terms of health in domestic production paint. There is a 99 percent difference between the electromagnetic radiation value measured in the room where the developed paint is applied and the radiation values ​​in the room where the paint is not applied.


Senior Chemical Engineer Nalan Gülçin Kaykaç said, “As a result of an R&D study that our company has been carrying out for approximately 2,5 years, we have succeeded in developing a paint that shields electromagnetic radiation. The effectiveness of our product has been tested by Istanbul Technical University, the chamber of physics engineers and various associations.

We think that this product, which we have developed, should be used especially in baby rooms, children's rooms and bedrooms, as it has been proven as a result of experimental studies that electromagnetic radiation affects children more than adults.” gave the information.


Chemical engineer Ercan Tokdemir said, “We have developed a very effective product for protection from this electromagnetic radiation for 3 years. In the meantime, we have made our patent applications and we hope that we will launch a very effective product on the market in the near future.” The paint shielding electromagnetic radiation, which will be launched in the near future, is expected to attract attention not only in Turkey but also in the world.


Source : Haberturk

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