A technology has been developed in which the paint on the drawn hoods can renew itself.

A scientific research institute in Brazil has developed a technology that can renew the paint on scratched hoods.
The technology, which is described as a self-adhesive formula, allows 85 percent of the old paint to be restored through nano capsules applied to the surface.

The application, which becomes active after scratching with the help of the paint and catalyst in the capsules, is the first in the world. While it is stated that the product can be used in the field of furniture, white goods and cosmetics apart from the automotive sector, no announcement has yet been made as to when it will be produced commercially.

Brazil, which has made large investments in innovation and technology in recent years, has begun to reap the fruits of these investments. Brazil has risen 14 places in the last 20 years, ranking 10th in the list of countries conducting scientific research.


Source : stargazete

📩 19/09/2013 18:18

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