Denizli Municipality reduced the electricity cost by half by converting the methane gas in the sludge into electrical energy.

Denizli Municipality reduced the average monthly electricity cost of 120 thousand liras by half by converting the methane gas in the mud into electrical energy. While an average of 90 thousand cubic meters of wastewater is treated at the facility every day, a great contribution is made to the environment, at the same time, the effluent is used in agricultural areas, adding extra value to the economy. In addition to sewage water, rain water and industrial wastes are also treated at the facility. Three by-products are obtained in the form of purified water, biogas and sludge.

Stating that they have a very special environmental policy, Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan said that a huge saving was achieved with the electricity generation center established. Emphasizing that they have made many environmental investments that set an example to Turkey and that they have been awarded the titles of “Turkey's Most Environmentally Friendly Municipality” and “Turkey's Cleanest City” thanks to the environmental policy they maintain, Zolan said, “There may be economic crises and political crises in the world. These crises will definitely be ended and eliminated one day, but when there are environmental crises, it may not be possible to end that crisis and make a comeback. Knowing this sensitivity, we implement very important environmental policies in Denizli. Instead of wild storage, we dispose of garbage in our landfill. Remember, garbage storages exploded in the past, and dozens of people were left under those garbage. In this area, we prevent even a drop of water consisting of garbage from mixing with the soil. We prevent the garbage from spreading odor and the spreading of microbes to the environment with other living species.

In the solid waste facility serving many regions of Denizli, 700 tons of garbage are disposed of per day. With this practice, which is set as an example in Turkey, we not only store garbage on an area of ​​300 decares, but also cut off the contact of garbage with the environment and generate electricity from the methane gas that comes out. This is also an economic gain.” said. Stating that the digested sludge, which is produced as a by-product from the rain and sewage waters treated at the facility, is converted into energy, Mayor Zolan said, “An average of 6 cubic meters of biogas is produced per day from the sludge produced as a result of processing at the facility. 50 percent of the electricity need of the treatment plant is met from this biogas energy. We have accomplished a huge saving project by converting the biogas produced in the electricity generation center into electricity and heat energy. We generate electricity from garbage, we generate electricity from sewage waste.” he said.


Source :turkiyenewspaper

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