The World's First Bookless Library Opened!

The world's first bookless library, consisting of all digital books, was opened yesterday! Libraries are one of the rare places where people can help themselves improve, reach inaccessible information by citing sources, and sometimes just listen. Along with the developing technology, the decrease in people's interest in libraries, the fact that books are read more quickly on tablets and kindles rather than the smell of pages has brought a new issue to the agenda.

The first “pageless” library opened in the US state of San Antonio yesterday seems to help us even more in this sense. Library officials stated that it is both troublesome and difficult to collect millions of pages together and that it is easier to obtain and store digital copies of them. Adding that this application is only valid for Apple products for now, the officials stated that this application can also be used with Amazon Kindle.
If we examine the interior of the digital library, there are only 48 iMac desktops, 10 Macbook laptops and 40 iPads in the library for now. Another purpose of the library is to host special events. All of these organizations are expected to create new technology and computer learning themed programs.

Children were not forgotten in the library either. The fact that there are about 200 e-readers for children gives us an idea about how technology should be used against children. In addition, it is thought that children can have a fun time by connecting to HDTVs together with the Xbox game console.

When we come to the e-books owned by the library, it is reported that it has about 3 million e-books and they keep them in the Cloud Library. It has been reported that all these studies aim to bring together the old and the new for future generations, and offer a different perspective for the forgotten, or rather timeless, library visits.

📩 16/09/2013 15:03

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