Hayat Kimya is preparing for a second production in the region despite the political developments in Egypt

Hayat Kimya is preparing for a second production in the region despite the political developments in Egypt. Hayat Kimya General Coordinator Prof. Dr. Orhan İdil said that they are preparing for a second production in the Egyptian market, where they have been producing diapers since 2012. Stating that they did not interrupt production due to the political developments in Egypt, İdil said, “We did not experience any disruption. We have not given up on the Egyptian market and we have plans for paper production. We are looking for land for this. It is a country with a population of 80 million and our market share here is going towards 20 percent”.
Stating that their annual production capacity in Egypt is 950 million diapers, İdil said, “Our diaper factory in Egypt was established in the 2012th October region of Egypt in 6. In addition to this, we also produce in Algeria. Our production capacity here is 870 million diapers per year," he said.

Target is Nigeria market
Noting that they are currently focusing on the Russian market, İdil said, “The Russian tissue paper factory, which we plan to activate in 2015, has a production capacity of 65 thousand tons/year. The investment amount here will be approximately 100 million dollars,” he said.
Stating that their new target market will be Nigeria after Russia, İdil continued as follows: “We are also getting ready to activate a new cleaning paper production facility on a total area of ​​100 square meters with an investment of 203 million dollars in Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone. Mersin – Tarsus factory will start operating with an annual production capacity of 905 thousand tons.”

Exports as far as the Caribbean
Orhan İdil, stating that Hayat Kimya's Izmit factory in Turkey produces in three categories as detergent, hygiene and cleaning paper, said, “The year-end target turnover of Hayat Kimya is 700 million dollars. We aim for 20 percent growth by the end of the year. Our growth target in 2014 is 20 percent. We have 5 employees in total," he said.
Noting that Hayat Kimya currently exports to 101 countries, İdil said, “Our export network spreads to every corner of the world and extends to the Caribbean. In this context, Antigua and Barbuda are among the countries to which we export recently.”

Paper products replace knitted towels.
Orhan İdil stated that Hayat Kimya met its consumers with Bingo and Test in the home care category, Papia, Familia, Teno and Focus in the tissue category, and Molped and Molfix in the hygiene category, and gave the following information about the consumption trends in the Turkish market:
Paper towels are now taking the place of tea towels used in kitchens and textile towels used in bathrooms.
While double-layered products used to dominate the market in toilet paper and paper towels, multi-layered products are preferred in the market today.
While powder detergent was widely used in washing machines in the past, consumers now prefer liquid detergent as well as powder detergent.
Ultra-intensive bleach is now used in the market instead of normal bleach, as its performance is found more effective by consumers.
The consumption of detergents used for hand washing in the detergent market is getting smaller and smaller.
In the dishwasher detergent, powder detergent was used in the past, but this habit has left its place to tablets and then to gel over time.
In the past, cream cleaners were preferred on hard surfaces, but now spray cleaners are growing in the market due to practical use.


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