UK plans to introduce 'Plastic Banknotes' to the market from 2016

The UK plans to introduce 'Plastic Banknotes' to the market from 2016. Smaller, cleanable, water and heat resistant plastic coins that are hard to tear are reported to last 2 and a half times longer than paper money used today.

It has been determined by the tests that the new banknotes to be produced using polymer material are less deformed than the paper money used today, if they are accidentally washed in the washing machine.

The Central Bank will take the public's opinion on plastic banknotes with the publicity tours it will organize throughout the UK over the next two months, and the final decision will be made in December.

Plastic banknotes, which started to be used in Australia for the first time in the world in 1988, are currently used in countries such as New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Canada, Fiji and Mauritius.

Canadian Mark Carney, who was appointed as the head of the Bank of England on July 1, had made the use of plastic banknotes in this country in 2011 when he was the head of the Bank of Canada.


Source : cnnturk

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