Three young entrepreneurs from Izmir took an important step to reduce foreign dependency in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Three young entrepreneurs from Izmir took an important step to reduce Turkey's foreign dependency, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, with the company Banf Natural Products, which they founded in the field of biotechnology.

Fatih Karabay, one of the company partners, said that they were one of the 2012 applicants who were entitled to benefit from entrepreneurship supports by presenting their projects to TÜBİTAK in 5 and benefited from these supports in İzmir, and said that they set out to turn their new venture ideas into reality.

Karabay also stated that they obtained raw materials for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry with the molecules they obtained from olive flowers and leaves; “As Banf Natural Products, we are able to purify nearly 20 plants and sell effective molecules and raw materials. We will establish a new laboratory with the entrepreneurship support we have obtained. Turkey is insufficient and foreign-dependent in producing some raw materials. We will have completed an important investment to reduce this foreign dependency by going into mass production within 1 year.”

Saying that they contacted Projem İzmir Technical Assistance Desk, which operates within İZKA, during the establishment phase of their company, Karabay stated that they drew a road map with the guidance of İZKA.

Stating that İZKA Projem İzmir Technical Assistance Desk provided significant contributions to them with its experience in this process, Fatih Karabay added that entrepreneurs should apply to İZKA and benefit from this service.

We will produce products with high added value…

Burçin Karabay, one of the project partners, who informed that Turkey cannot use its real potential in agriculture, said that the plant flora in Turkey is very rich, therefore there are many types of products that can be used in the field of biotechnology, and this situation reduces the input costs much more than in Europe. Burçin Batıbay also drew attention to the need to develop the agriculture-based industry by producing products with high added value.

Technical Help Desk services continue…

Stating that they provide various services for those who want to produce projects within the scope of İZKA Project İzmir Technical Assistance Desk, İZKA Program Management Unit Head Halil İbrahim Murat Çelik said that they provide guidance on appropriate national, international or EU funding sources for all for-profit and non-profit stakeholders operating in İzmir. .


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