Fracturing Production Operation Started for Shale Gas in Wells in Thrace and Southeast

Fracture production operation begins in wells in Thrace and Southeast, where shale gas is found to have 4.6 trillion cubic meters of reserves in Turkey. A delegation from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources landed in the USA and Canada to study shale gas exploration and production. During the visit made by the delegation of the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs, information was obtained on shale gas technology. The delegation held meetings with shale gas regulatory, supervisory and managerial institutions in the USA and Canada, where shale gas is explored and produced, with companies providing services in hydraulic fracturing and with expert professional organizations. During the meetings, subjects such as shale gas exploration, production, inspection, surveillance, licensing and environmental practices were observed and conveyed.


In the contacts, shale gas production sites were visited and hydraulic fracturing horizontal well drilling operations and production facilities were examined. In addition, drilling and production laboratories and research and development facilities were visited and information about the technological devices used was obtained. The Turkish delegation made a presentation on oil exploration and production activities in the country and the investment environment and opportunities in Turkey, and the new Petroleum Law was introduced. Making a statement to a group of journalists on the subject, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız said: “Shale gas is a new resource for both the world and us. We are pleased with the interest shown to our delegation, which went to the USA and Canada to examine successful examples in the world.”
Stating that they want to reveal Turkey's shale gas potential together with companies experienced in this field, Yıldız said: “TPAO and the Turkish private sector will increase their investments together with international companies for the world's new favorite shale gas. There is shale gas potential in our Thrace and Southeastern Anatolia Region, Central Anatolia and other inner basins. TPAO has been working for 4 years in Thrace and Southeastern Anatolia Region to produce petroleum and natural gas findings that cannot be produced by normal methods, by hydraulic fracturing method. Operations will begin at the end of this year in order to carry out production by hydraulic fracturing in old wells that have been produced or not produced in Southeastern Anatolia and Thrace, which are given priority by TPAO.”

New Year's drilling work begins

Noting that TPAO has started the preliminary preparations to carry out shale gas exploration and production activities on its own with a pilot project in Thrace, Taner Yıldız said, “We have created a special team within our own structure. If we get a positive result here, we will continue drilling in that area one after another. For example, there is a serious shale gas production in the USA. In this way, it produces 1000 cubic meters of gas for 105-110 dollars and sells it at almost this price. If we can start shale gas production, it will undoubtedly be economical for us. TPAO conducts geological and geophysical studies in Thrace, determines which wells and what kind of work is done. By the end of the year, the point will be determined and drilling activities seem to start in the first months of next year.”
she said.

Joint project with Shell

TANER Yıldız also stated that 4 vertical wells were drilled as part of joint shale gas and oil exploration activities with Shell in 5 license areas in Batman and Diyarbakır in the Southeastern Anatolian Region and said, “According to the results, 2 horizontal wells will be drilled later on. TPAO also drilled one of the vertical wells itself. With the realization of these projects in a short time, our country's shale gas and shale oil potential will be revealed.”


Source : Hurriyet

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