Konya Selcuk University Produced Waterproof Paper

Konya Selçuk University Produced Waterproof Paper. Participating in the 'KONEXPO 2nd Industry and Culture Event' organized by the Konya Selçuk University Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (KONSİAD), Selçuk University produced waterproof, breathing paper and fabrics produced by nanotechnological methods in its R&D Center. showcased for the first time.

Former Minister of Environment Ali Talip Özdemir, who was among the attendees of the event, examined the waterproof paper and electronic devices made of organic materials with interest and said, "Where did Selcuk University come from? I was proud of what I saw here,'' he said.

Bringing together Konya, Karaman, Edirne and Istanbul with the slogan "Historical Capitals Meet in Feshane", the event is held in Feshane, Istanbul. exhibited impermeable, breathable papers and fabrics. ILTEK Deputy Director Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Kuş said, “Flexible electronic or waterproof materials based on thin film coating technology are produced by our own researchers with systems installed in our center. Organic flexible electronics, which is the most popular subject of today's electronic display and energy technology, as well as paper, fabric and other coating products that breathe, but do not repel water and dirt, which is very important for both military purposes and daily use, are produced in our center from the first step.


Former Minister of Environment Ali Talip Özdemir, who attended the event and examined the stands one by one, Karaman Governor Murat Koca, Edirne Deputy Governor Dr. Ayhan Özkan, Chairman of the Konya Provincial General Assembly Ali Selvi and his entourage examined with interest the electronic devices made of waterproof paper and fabrics and organic materials. Former Minister of Environment Ali Talip Özdemir said, "Where did Selcuk University come from? I was proud of what I saw here. Our industrialists should provide blind support for the production of such high-tech products. This and similar high-tech products are the pride of our country,'' he said.


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