KTU Chemistry Dept. Statements from the Faculty Member on Herbal Tea Consumption

Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry Lecturer Prof. Dr. Münevver Sökmen told Anadolu Agency (AA) that there are many products that grow in nature and are known as pharmaceutical raw materials.
Stating that these products in nature become drugs when isolated from plants, Sökmen said, “People do not always prefer to use drugs. They mostly prefer to use herbs and herbal mixtures as nutritional supplements.”

Sökmen stated that one of the measures to be taken in order to prepare and protect the body in these months when the weather starts to get cold is the consumption of herbal tea. The active substance contained in each plant has a different structure. The benefit of one plant can sometimes be supported by another plant, and sometimes it can have an adverse effect.
Emphasizing that it is wrong to unconsciously mix everything and consume, Sökmen continued as follows:
“We call this the synergistic effect. For example, let's say that when we mistakenly use another herb that reduces its effect, next to one that contains a chemical that acts on the liver, such as linden, or that contains a chemical that has a breathing effect, we consume it in vain. In some cases, instead of synergistic effects, it can produce adverse effects, that is, completely affect someone's activity and produce more harmful species. It is beneficial to use the types that are given with prescriptions and quantities, rather than mixing everything together and consuming it.”

– “It is necessary to brew the herbs that are active with essential oils and consume them immediately”

Sökmen pointed out that the release rate of active substance in all species is not the same, and said, “Some are related to the fragrant parts of what we call ethereal oil. So these are herbs like thyme and mint. We are attracted by their scent, and it can leave the plant really easily. Therefore, there is no point in boiling them for a long time. It is sufficient to leave the most practical way to boiled and cooled water without boiling.
Emphasizing that plants should be consumed in a short time, Sökmen said:
“We usually let black tea steep for 15 minutes, but herbal teas are very easy. Especially the herbs that are active with essential oils should be brewed and consumed immediately. For those that stand out with chemical substances for a longer time, such as linden and ginger, it is useful to keep them covered for about 10 minutes. Among the mixtures, for example, there is no harm in consuming in the first 5 minutes in mixtures with thyme, and waiting for about 15 minutes in those with roots such as linden or ginger.”

-“This type of tea has a great contribution to digestion”

Sökmen also stated that herbal teas should not be consumed too much and said, “This type of tea has a great contribution to digestion, not in the morning on an empty stomach. One cup should be consumed in the morning, noon and evening. Using it excessively also causes some teas to have an adverse effect. Irreversible damage may occur. "Excess of everything is harmful," he said.

Stating that he recommends the consumption of ginger teas in this season, Sökmen said, “The tea to be made from a mixture of three pieces of ginger, five teaspoons of honey, lemon juice, a teaspoon of dried thyme, a handful of fresh rosemary and half a liter of water is an exemplary blended herbal tea that can be consumed this season. . First, heat the water but add the ginger and rosemary before boiling. Let it brew for 5 minutes, then strain, add lemon and orange juice. Heat a little without boiling and add the honey. You can consume 2-3 cups of this mixture a day.


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