Details of Turkey's first nuclear power plant to be built in Mersin Akkuyu have been announced.

Details of Turkey's first nuclear power plant to be built in Mersin Akkuyu have been announced. While the Russian company Rosatom submitted its EIA report to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it was noted in the report that the power plant is safe against many risky situations, from seismicity to aircraft crashes and nuclear leakage. According to the evaluations in the 3-page report, security systems were designed by taking into account natural and technological factors. Accordingly, the power plant will be safely closed in the event of an earthquake with a magnitude of 9. It will also be able to withstand an earthquake of 8 magnitude. In addition, security requirements have been established in case of a Phantom RF-20E aircraft weighing 215 tons and a speed of 4 m/s crash and this happens.

The design of the power plant tolerates such an impact. The collision of a Boeing 400-200 aircraft with a weight of 747 tons and a speed of 400 m/s and the fuel flare due to this collision were considered as a 'Beyond Design Event'. This type of accident creates more serious accident conditions than the accidents covered in the design of the power plant. In such an accident, the operation of the power plant will stop. Such an accident could have serious consequences. The project includes new technological solutions in nuclear and radiation safety as well as guaranteeing all required nuclear and radiation safety indicators. The cooling system of the reactor works automatically without the need for personnel, and there is no need for additional power. In case the reactor core melts, the molten fuel will be kept inside the reactor building by a special technical tool. This will ensure the control of accidents beyond design. Akkuyu site has been determined as a safe place due to its suitable geological structure, low seismic risk potential, and coastal structure that can provide protection against tsunamis. A comprehensive tsunami hazard assessment for the power plant was carried out by METU. In the design of the power plant, water dam, sea walls and partition curtains were made. This will also provide protection against flooding. The power plant will be built above the flood level. According to the findings, tsunami or similar flood situations do not pose a danger to the power plant, as the highest flood level does not exceed 10 meters.

Milk samples were collected from the power plant area

- The power plant will be equipped with a treatment system against radioactive substances in case of leaks. Milk was seen as one of the most important food products for environmental monitoring, as in the event of an accident leading to a radioactive material leak, livestock would eat the grass and the radioactivity would thus easily pass into the milk. For this reason, milk samples were collected from the central area.

-In order to ensure the security of the nuclear power plant, the project area, including the coastline, will be declared as a 'Special Security Zone'. The nuclear power plant site will be protected by a wire fence for the entire lifetime of the plant and a suitable security monitoring system for online monitoring.

- A 'Radioactive Waste Temporary Storage Facility' will also be established at the power plant. The walls, floors and ceilings of this building will be covered with suitable materials of sufficient thickness to provide the necessary shielding for radiation protection.


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