Exports to Europe are closed to cosmetic companies that do not comply with the legislation.

With the European Cosmetics Regulation, manufacturers outside the European Union have to register their products and appoint a responsible person since last 11 July in order to export to the EU. Expressing that Reach Global Services SA (RGS) was established in Brussels under the leadership of İKMİB in this context, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB), Murat Akyüz said that RGS serves 75 percent of Turkish chemical industry companies. .


Informing that, according to the European Cosmetics Regulation, only cosmetic products with a real or legal personality appointed as the responsible person within the EU can be offered to the market, Akyüz said, “This situation may turn in favor of countries such as Turkey, China and India. We can easily increase 300 million dollars of cosmetics exports to the EU to 1 billion dollars in two years. We can receive shares from countries that do not comply with this regulation. However, if we cannot adapt, we will not be able to find the market.”


Stating that RGS currently serves 15 percent of the Turkish cosmetics industry, Akyüz said that the industry has been slow in the process of harmonization with the EU, and that most of the companies are not even aware of the legislation. Emphasizing that RGS does not seek profit, Akyüz said, “RGS serves 15 percent of the Turkish cosmetics industry. The company also fulfills an important mission in meeting the compliance needs of industry companies at acceptable prices.”

Increases costs

Noting that COSMETIC companies' preparation of files for each product they export imposes a serious cost on companies, Akyüz said, "As the number of products increases, the cost also increases. Considering that the average cost of a company is 150 thousand Euros, the harmonization process will cost the Turkish cosmetics industry millions of Euros. However, we aim to reduce these costs with RGS.”


Source : Hurriyet

📩 09/09/2013 23:08

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