Norway finds new oil and gas resources

Norway found new oil and natural gas resources. While the explanation was made by the Austrian energy company OMV, which carries out its studies with the state company Statoil, it was noted that long-term seismic studies only yielded results.

Ola Borten Moe, Norwegian Minister of Oil and Energy, said: “This is a great day for Norway. We are very happy to find oil again in the Barents Sea. Especially this far north.” said.

The fact that the oil deposit is close to the Arctic Ocean and protected areas drew the reaction of environmentalists.

Frederic Hauge, President of the environmental non-governmental organization Bellona Foundation, said, “The fact that the drilling site is close to the island of Bjornoya and on the ice border is completely unacceptable from my point of view. This is proof that current Oil and Energy Minister Ola Borten Moe's policies are getting out of hand. The new government should address this situation.” he said.

While the current centre-left coalition was not given much chance in the general elections to be held next Monday in the country, one of the main items of the election campaigns was energy resources.


Source : tr.euronews

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