Nuclear Engineering Departments Are Coming…

Nuclear Engineering Departments Are Coming…Aiming to train local engineers for the nuclear power plants to be established, Turkey has made an important move in the field of nuclear education. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız announced that the engineers who will work at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will conduct 5 years of their 3-year training in Turkey. The students who are successful in the written and oral exams will be given a 1-year preparation and 2-year training at the universities to be determined.

If the ongoing negotiations of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) are concluded, it is aimed to establish a special department to train engineers for employment in the universities to be agreed, apart from the universities currently providing education in the field of nuclear energy engineering in Turkey.


As a result of the meetings and evaluations made by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources with many universities, Kayseri Erciyes and Antalya Akdeniz Universities came to the fore in this sense. Stating that the students will complete their 1-year preparation and 2-year education in the nuclear engineering departments to be established at the universities to be determined, Yıldız said that the remaining 2-year education and 2-year internships of the students will be completed in Russia. Yıldız also pointed out that the trainings in Turkey will be given by instructors from the Russian Federation.


Minister Yıldız announced that 2 students were sent to Russia to receive education in the last 112 years, and the number increased to 5 with 400 students selected among 78 applications for this year's education period. Noting that a total of 190 students will receive education in Russia until 2019, Yıldız said that engineers who complete their education and return to Turkey will be assigned every year in 600 units to be opened in the 2018-2022 period.

3 thousand dollars salary, guaranteed insurance

It was announced that engineers who will work at the nuclear power plant will be paid a salary of 500 dollars during the construction phase and 3 thousand dollars during the operation phase, as well as a job registration in accordance with the labor law and a guaranteed social security package. It is aimed that people who are highly motivated, willing, creative, prone to teamwork, ready to develop their professional knowledge and gain new experience, will join the nuclear power plant.

Trainings are completed in Russia

Turkish citizens, who are entitled to attend education from the Faculties of Science, Literature and Engineering of universities in Turkey and all departments where physics or mathematics courses are taught, receive free education in the field of nuclear engineering in Russia. Trainings for the academic term, which started in September 2013, will take place at the Moscow Institute of Physics Engineering (MEPhI) of the National Nuclear Research University in Russia.

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