Carbon Footprint Study by Polisan

Carbon Footprint Study by Polisan. As one of the leading companies in the chemical industry in Turkey, Polisan Holding strengthens its leading position in the industry with the steps it takes in the field of sustainability. Against climate change, which is one of the most important threats to corporate sustainability, the greenhouse gas emissions arising from all activities of Polisan Boya, Polisan Kimya and Poliport in 2012 will be calculated according to the internationally accepted Greenhouse Gas Protocol, together with the work to be started in three companies of Polisan Holding. are reported according to the ISO 14064 standard.

Along with the developing technology, industries and people have been uncontrollably releasing greenhouse gases (coal, oil, natural gas) into the atmosphere in the last 150 years, and as a result of global warming, extreme droughts, floods, hurricanes, rise in sea levels, and decrease in biodiversity threaten the future of humanity in the world. entered. Climate change draws attention as the greatest threat to the sustainability of mankind on earth.

The first Turkish companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint in their sectors: Polisan Boya and Poliport

Polisan Holding decided to contribute institutionally to Turkey's efforts to combat climate change as part of its environmental sustainability efforts. It also draws attention to the fact that it plays a leading role in the transition to a low carbon economy in its sector by documenting its carbon footprint. Within the framework of this decision, Polisan Holding; Polisan Boya started to calculate the corporate carbon footprint of Polisan Kimya and Poliport subsidiaries. Polisan Boya and Poliport will be the first Turkish companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint in their sectors.

Real Climate Protection in cooperation with Polisan and Myclimate Turkey

Myclimate Turkey and Polisan signed an important cooperation. The company, which has started ISO 14064 compliant Corporate Carbon Footprint studies for Polisan Kimya, Polisan Boya and Poliport separately, will increase its competitive advantage and reduce its environmental impact. Taking the first step to become a carbon neutral brand with carbon neutral products very seriously, Polisan Holding will increase its distinctiveness with its successful environmental performance.

“We started to work in line with our principle of respect for the environment and people”

In his statement on the subject, Polisan Holding CEO Erol Mizrahi emphasized that the measurement of carbon emissions is an issue that is becoming more and more important for us and future generations, adding, “As Polisan Holding, we also respect the environment and people. In line with our principle, we started the Carbon Footprint period. With the Carbon Footprint study, we will invest in the future of both ourselves and humanity. Corporate Carbon Footprint is becoming an important concept in achieving sustainable futures and increasing competitive advantage on a global scale. The work to be carried out will also support Polisan Holding's transition to a low carbon economy.”


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