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If there was an organization other than the state that trains the teachers and pays them, or the diplomas given by the schools are determined by the economic model and the luck bureaucracy.sgk inquiry If it had not been accepted, it would have created a completely different situation than today. While the professional system is performing in terms of teaching, approving and adopting the legitimacy of the social system, attitude and state system outside; his own work and the elements he produces are also accepted by the external systems; this to each other http://www.sgkhizmeti.com/sgk-prim-sorgulama/ It shows a tight-knit operation. To remove the influence of external social forces that are sharp on the school; The demands of the school to work absolutely from the pressure of external social life have been put forward all along. For centuries, a bitter effort was made to save the school from the pressure of religious grandeur and views; However, due to the national states, the leading figure of the noose institutions and religious mentality could be abolished through the heart arrangement and teaching of the schools.

but before the schools got rid of religious oppression, they became the protagonists of the national states that helped them in this effort, they prepared their vocational programs for him, and they advocated the laws and philosophies (ideologies) of these states. In the 19th century, only the universities were able to maintain their autonomy against the overwhelming power of this country; without being too attached to the policies of governments, to the course of life of the nobility—his own cares and aims sgk service breakdown they conducted researches in line with; education insurance registration number inquiry and they were able to work exempt from management. The ideas that schools should be able to work absolutely for their position philosophies and government policies are being propounded by a group of philosophers and sociologists; It is suggested that the human mind should be cultivated freely. however, it was not willing to accept this as a ten-para (national) country, and the relations between the school and the social profession gradually began to become more and more extended.

The school is a social institution; They bring an allegory to what is going on around them, an important and important task from the society and the people themselves; It is unforgivable for this duty not to be fulfilled, to be disrupted and even to make rash acts. School is one of the endlessly serious cogs of the society machine; As soon as Özge starts to spin on its own without being affected by the wheels, the doner kebab is wasted and cannot function. Recently, there has been a new flow -which is reflected in our country through the Higher Education Institution (YÖK)- in line with the restriction of autonomy in all world universities, the coordination of universities with each other, the direction of researches on social and noble power problems. The previous understanding of autonomy is being forced to change by modern developments. Universities, later the Middle Ages passwordless insurance inquiry like its castles, it cannot be isolated from society; scholars "glass when will i retire They cannot do the research they want in their palaces and teach the lessons they want. The salty social change we live in, the development of noble power, the increase in population make it necessary for everyone to get into the system and deal with real problems. control of size, control of society, class character of society, established sufficiency relations, ossified culture and tradition pressures; cannot be saved by the autonomous and free school. If there are problems in the management of greatness, in the society system, in the cultural structure, he should try to solve them "within legitimate ways" by living face to face with them, examining them scientifically, and showing the necessary and correct solutions. School cannot be isolated from the position system, economic order and society structure for a ten-dollar day. School, society, state, education etc. They cross-examine themselves, bringing in each other's needs.

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