Scientists from SDU produced accelerator ion source by plasma method.

Scientists from SDU produced an accelerator ion source with the plasma method. Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Physics Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Öksüz, with the work of 4 people, produced an Accelerator Ion source using the Plasma method.
Produced Ion Source will be used in Medical Medical Research, Military defense industry, Physics and biological materials and Chemistry researches, X-Rays, Space Physics Research, Accelerator Studies.
Stating that the device works with Plasma Technology, SDU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Physics Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Öksüz stated that they were able to fully ionize two different production systems in a single device using a lower energy.
Device Used in Many Different Areas The device, which can be used in satellite propulsion systems alone or as an accelerator part, will be sent to the Saudi Arabian King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology Institution. (Equivalent to TUBITAK in Turkey)
The produced device was produced at a cost of one third compared to its counterparts abroad. Prof. Lütfü Öksüz stated that if the necessary support is given to them, they can work in many fields from the military field to nuclear energy in our country.
Thanks to a camera to be placed on the device, it will also help to monitor their movements by taking pictures of ions and electrons in a billionth of a second.


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