A National Water Information System is being established, which will reveal the status of water in detail throughout Turkey.

A National Water Information System is being established in Turkey, where the state of water will be revealed in detail. According to the written statement made by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the General Directorate of Water Management initiated the National Water Information System Feasibility Study Project.

With the project, analysis work will be carried out with stakeholder institutions regarding the water data structures currently held, the water data needed, and the information technology infrastructure used. As a result of the information obtained, the National Water Information System Feasibility Report and the Modernization Action Plan in Public Administration will be prepared.

Environment and Urbanization, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Health, Science, Industry and Technology, Energy and Natural Resources, Ministries of Development, universities, governorships and municipalities determined by the General Command of Mapping will take place as stakeholder institutions in the project.

Stakeholder institutions will share information on water data inventories produced and used within their own bodies, geographic information systems studies, and the data they need.

This information to be brought together will allow the evaluation of water in terms of quantity and quality, distribution and use, legal and institutional. With the National Water Information System to be established after the feasibility study, it will be ensured that water is monitored, used and managed by taking into account the country's needs and interests.


Source :AA

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