2017 World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul

Istanbul will host the 2017nd World Petroleum Congress to be held in 22.
Competing with Astana, Huston and Copenhagen in the voting held at the World Petroleum Forum Youth Congress held in Calgary, Canada, Turkey managed to win the World Petroleum Congress, which it had aspired to 3 times before and could not get. Istanbul will host the World Petroleum Congress in 2017.

The promotional activities and presentations he carried out for 3 days with a delegation under the presidency of Murat Mercan, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, impressed the audience.

Turkey's Ambassador to Ottawa, Tuncay Babalı, made a statement to the AA correspondent after the vote and stated that the theme of “Oilympic”, which was used in the presentation and evoked the Olympics, caused admiration from the participating countries.

Ambassador Babalı said, "We have been nominated 3 times before," and said:

“This is a very important organization. It is a huge organization where all the countries and companies in the oil field of the world will participate and 6-7 thousand delegates will gather. Turkey, under the chairmanship of Mr. Mercan, exhibited a very professional team work and made wonderful presentations.”

Ambassador Tuncay Babalı explained that 52 countries participating in the meeting in Calgary eliminated Copenhagen in the first round of voting, and that Astana was eliminated in the second round. Babalı added that although Huston, who stayed with Turkey in the 3rd round, seemed advantageous, they achieved 55 percent of the vote with a successful lobbying effort.



Source :AA

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