7th Asian Superconductivity and Cryogenic Symposium Starts Today

Organized by Ankara University National Superconductivity Center, “7. Asian Superconductivity and Cryogenic Symposium” started in Ürgüp, Nevşehir.

Nevşehir Governor Mehmet Ceylan, in his speech at the opening of the symposium held in a hotel in Ürgüp, stated that they are happy to have such an important symposium in the city, and said that they are pleased to host many scientists from 21 countries in Cappadocia.

Stating that Cappadocia has an important place in world tourism with its history and culture, Ceylan emphasized that the region, which is visited by 2,5 million tourists annually, has also become the center of important symposiums.

Expressing that superconductivity, which is an important research topic, has also found application in the world, Ceylan said that important studies have been carried out in this field in Turkey in recent years, and that these developments are very pleasing for the country.

Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Faculty of Science, Physics Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ekrem Yanmaz, on the other hand, stated that these symposiums are organized in different countries every 2 years and said that despite Turkey's new participation in this group, they managed to take the 7th symposium to Nevşehir.

Noting that more than 21 scientists working on superconductivity from 250 countries participated in the symposium, Yanmaz said, “It's called the Asian congress, but there are many participants from the USA, Germany and Spain. We chose the Cappadocia region because there are many scientists from Asian countries in the group. We received a request from them for a place away from the sea. In this 3-day symposium, everyone will make presentations about the work they have developed and information will be shared.”

Stating that studies on superconductivity started in Turkey in 1988, Yanmaz said, “We can say that there was no employee in this field in Turkey at that time, but now we are happy that more than 300 scientists are working in this field in Turkey. We make an effort, we say not to fall behind, we want to have a say in this field," he said.

Yanmaz stated that the National Superconductivity Center was established in Ankara with the participation of 7 universities, and that many universities carry out intensive studies in this field and said:

“We are working in this field as a large group at KTU and we have started to bear the fruits of it. As you know, we made a flying train. There are these trains in China and Japan, and their trials continue. They will begin to carry passengers in the coming years. We should not lag behind in this area, the train we built is an important prototype for Turkey, but as a country, we are not behind other countries in terms of knowledge and practice.”

The symposium will end on Friday, October 25th.

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