Another oil field found in Adıyaman

Another oil field was found in Adıyaman. According to the information received, TPIC (Turkish Petroleum International Company) found 4468 API gravity oil in Bozhüyük-14 well, which is located in the exploration license numbered AR/TPI/5 in Adıyaman, and started drilling on 26.5 August.
Authorities reported that since October 22, 5 barrels of test production per day has continued at the Bozhüyük-175 well.
TPIC was producing approximately 2009 barrels of oil per day as part of its exploration activities under the same license since 650. With the discovery in Bozhüyük-5 well, it increased to 825 barrels per day.

Company officials stated that the development of AR/TPI/4468 license area continues with the drilling of Bozhüyük-2 well, and intense exploration activities are carried out in 39 license areas throughout the country.
TPIC, which was connected to Boru Hatları Petrol Taşıma AŞ (BOTAŞ) by the decision of the Council of Ministers in January of this year, has made a name for itself with its oil exploration activities in cooperation with foreign oil giants in Northern Iraq.




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