Academicians met at the Bio-Nano Technology Congress

Academicians from 49 different universities came together at the Bio-Nano Technology Congress held by Fatih University. Experts stated that nano technology will be used more in the future.

Bio-Nano Technology Congress was held by 'Fatih University Technology Transfer and Training Center in the Field of Biotechnology', which was established within the scope of 2012 Financial Support Program of Istanbul Development Agency. Saying that Bio-Nano technology provides a different perspective to facilitate human life, Gazi University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslu said, “Graphene was found in 2010. This invention expanded the wider material opportunity and material possibilities. Thus, many fields were introduced to nano technology and started to be used to make life easier.” said.

Sabancı University Nano Technology Research and Application Center Director Prof. Dr. Volkan Özgüz also stated that states apply Nano technology especially in the field of defense. Özgüz said, “Ministry of defense in countries is using and developing this field. Defense is of vital importance and countries are taking serious steps to increase their cooperation in this academic field. It has permeated every aspect of our lives. In order to catch up with the future, we must be able to work fast and solidly. This should be both a civil and a state policy for us as well.” used the phrases.

Fatih University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Fatih Abasıyanık stated that Bio-Nano technology, which emerged from the intersection of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, which are two rapidly developing sciences in recent years, has made a rapid entry into the world of science. Abasıyanık said, “This area, which gives the opportunity to realize many dreams of today's people, has more advantages such as electronic sensors and machines integrated into living things, smart drugs that find and destroy the target in living things, materials that are biological-based but more durable and robust than metal, biological memories, nano-scale image-taking systems. It opens a new window in which it will be difficult to predict its future with many application areas.” said. Abasıyanık stated that they held this congress in order to contribute to Turkey's close follow-up of developments in an important field and to take steps in this direction. The congress ended after a souvenir photo was taken.
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