New Education Model for Teachers in Germany

New Education Model for Teachers in Germany. Scientists in Germany, who determined that students' interest in science and mathematics decreased, especially in the eighth and ninth grades, took action. Educational scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), one of Germany's leading universities, showed that lack of interest is not natural and developed a new teaching technique for teachers.

Within the scope of the project, one year of additional training was given to the teachers, teaching the students the opportunity to express themselves more easily about the lesson and to give more detailed answers to the students' questions. Determining that young people's interest and motivation to the lesson increase in this way, scientists want to change the education given to university students studying teaching and to train teachers according to this concept.

Studies have also revealed that the interest in courses such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics fell especially in the eighth and ninth grade students. Researching the subject, Prof. Tina Seidel stated that teachers try to convey the content of science and mathematics courses to students with a dull speech.

Seidel stated that teachers mostly teach the lesson with closed-ended questions, they talk little about the subject with the students and they return very little to the students. Stating that it is very difficult for teachers to realize this situation during stressful and intense education days, the scientists said that in order for teachers teaching in the eighth and ninth grades of Gymanisum and Realschule schools to include more students in the lesson and to give the lesson openly to all students, 20 hours of additional work spread over a year. It is planned to take seminars.

During the seminar, the teachers are filmed and then their behavior during the lecture is analyzed.
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