New Method for Gold Extraction “Eucalyptus Trees”

A New Method for Gold Extraction “Eucalyptus Trees” Scientists in Australia put forward a very different claim regarding the future of gold. According to the news published in the newspaper Nature Communications, trees grown on gold reserves may be a new source for gold.

eucalyptus gold
The newspaper announced that a group of Australian scientists revealed that the roots of Eucalyptus trees grown on the lands where gold reserves are located may have attracted microscopic gold particles to their trunks due to the fact that their roots descended to the reserves. Scientists also stated that they brought such a claim to the agenda after they passed the Eucalyptus trees through X-ray devices and all scientific tools and obtained definitive results. Eucalyptus trees can sprout roots more than 10 meters underground. From time to time, it is seen that the roots of the trees can go down to 40 meters.

The scientists stated that the gold particles attracted by the trees were quite low and mostly concentrated in the leaves. The researchers said that the gold may be concentrated in the leaves due to the poison effect in the plants, and the trees will get rid of the poison when the leaves fall.

According to the World Gold Council, 174 thousand tons of gold have been mined from the soil since the history of humanity. In 2011, the US Geological Survey pointed out that there may be 51 thousand tons of gold reserves left in the world. In the article they wrote, scientists stated that Eucalyptus trees could be a new area of ​​gold discovery at a time when there is a shortage of gold reserves in the world.

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