The first significant breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease was recorded.

The first important development has been made about Alzheimer's disease, which has not been cured until now. Scientists have discovered a drug that prevents brain cells from dying in their research. The researchers stated that they are still at a very early stage, but according to these results, the drugs could treat Alzheimer's as well as nervous system diseases that affect motor skills such as Parkinson's.


Professor Roger Morris, from King's College London, said: "I think this research will be a landmark in Alzheimer's disease."
Research on Alzheimer's has shown a malfunctioning protein as the cause of the disease. Until now, experts were trying to repair the broken protein, but in the new study, a different method was tried and how the protein was damaged was examined.
It has been understood that the proteins do not directly kill the brain cells, but die while trying to protect themselves. Based on this result, scientists prevented the brain cells of mice from dying in their treatments. This research is said to be the most significant research to date in the treatment of Alzheimer's.



Source : Hürriyet

Günceleme: 10/10/2013 22:37

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