Does the effectiveness of antibiotics on bacteria come to an end?

Is the effectiveness of antibiotics on bacteria coming to an end?

Scientists state that precautions should be taken quickly for the frequency of antibiotic use, which is stated as a serious health problem worldwide. Turkey, which ranks first in Europe in terms of usage frequency, is among the countries at risk.

Hakkı Gürsöz, Deputy Head of the Turkish Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Agency of the Ministry of Health, stated that the unnecessary use of antibiotics is a very serious health problem all over the world.

Stating that the data on drug use on a box basis does not reveal realistic values, Gürsöz said that 1 billion 700 billion boxes of drugs were sold from pharmacies last year. According to this, Gürsöz stated that a person consumes 23 boxes of medicine a year, “However, this is not a scientific criterion. Because, the person may have used a few of them from the box and threw the rest away,” he said.

Explaining that this calculation is done in a different way than the World Health Organization does, Gürsöz said, “The ingredients of the drug are formulated together with its doses and milligrams and converted into units. It is checked how many units of medicine the person consumes. "This is a scientific and comparable method," he said.

-“Turkey is the first in Europe in the use of antibiotics”

Explaining that the data is now collected in this way, Gürsöz said that for the first time in Turkey, this calculation was made for antibiotics this year. Gürsöz stated that this would be applied in antidepressants and respiratory system drugs, and emphasized that in this way, they could reveal the reality of drug use in Turkey.

Emphasizing that very striking results were obtained from the study, Gürsöz gave the following information:

“In our country, a person consumes 42 units of antibiotics per day. This figure stands at 14 units in the Netherlands. A Turkish citizen consumes 3 times more antibiotics per day than a Dutch person.

With this value, we rank first among 40 countries in the calculation of antibiotic units used per person per day in Europe. In other words, it is mostly consumed in Turkey. After us comes Greece. In there, this figure is 35 units. In northern European countries, these figures are at their lowest. Estonia has the least use of antibiotics with 13 units.

Gürsöz stated that it was determined that the use of antibiotics increases as you go from north to south and said, "The use of antibiotics increases as we come from west to east."

-Southern provinces rank first in antibiotic use in Turkey

Based on these data, Gürsöz stated that the provinces with the most and least use of antibiotics were determined, and that among the provinces, it was determined that the most antibiotics were used in the Southeastern and Eastern Anatolian provinces.

Gürsöz stated that a study was initiated starting from Gaziantep in order to raise awareness and determine the reason for the high usage rates.

Stating that they came together with pharmacists, family physicians, specialist physicians and other employees in the province and exchanged ideas on what can be done, Gürsöz stated that they determined that education level, social and cultural factors and economic factors were effective in the frequency of antibiotic use. Gürsöz emphasized that the attitudes and behaviors of patients that they will not recover without taking antibiotics should be broken and that education is a must for this.

Explaining that the province with the lowest frequency of antibiotic use is Artvin, Gürsöz pointed out that the frequency of use is very high in Turkey in general.

Turkey is one of the countries at risk

Gürsöz stated that unnecessary antibiotic use will be a serious public health problem in the future and continued as follows:

“The frequency of antibiotics in Turkey is quite high. This is a serious problem and needs immediate action. Because resistance develops even against simple bacteria. In the next 5-10 years, even simple infections that can be treated with antibiotics will be helpless if we do not take precautions.

There has been no new antibiotic discovery in the world for many years. Forms of bacteria resistant to all available antibiotics began infecting and killing patients. This is a very serious threat. Since there are serious rates of antibiotic use in Turkey, it is one of the countries that may be exposed to this risk. If we do not take precautions, serious fatal infections will occur in 5-10 years, which we cannot treat in any way, and we lose patients. We can say that 'antibiotics has come to an end', which is the miracle of a century.”

Gürsöz, with the advice of a friend, underlined that antibiotics should not be used without consulting a doctor, and emphasized that conscious, correct and dosed drugs should be used for a healthy future.



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