Strategic investment of 250 million lira in the chemical industry in Bandırma

A strategic investment worth 250 million liras in the chemical sector in Bandırma. Governor of Balıkesir Ahmet Turhan said that the city has been the favorite of foreign investors recently. Stating that South Korean and Chinese companies are planning to invest in a boron processing plant, he said, “In addition, domestic investors rolled up their sleeves. Efforts are underway for an investment of 250 million TL in Bandırma in the chemical sector. This investment may increase to 1 billion dollars in the coming years. It is a purely strategic investment.” said.

Governor Turhan visited the Press Museum and Media Center established by the Balıkesir Journalists Association (BGC). Greeted by BGC President Ramazan Demir and Board members, Turhan visited the center and received information. Stating that there are rare places where guests coming to Balıkesir can be taken, he said, “Hopefully, this will be a nice place where we can show our guests from now on. I wish our Balıkesir press to enjoy it. We hope to restore the historical artifacts inherited from our ancestors and put them at the service of the public in the upcoming period. There are many beautiful artifacts in our city, it doesn't end with just restoring these buildings. When you don't use them, they wear out in a very short time, so they have to be used.” he said.


Stating that Balıkesir will be a big city in five to ten years, Governor Turhan emphasized the importance of continuing to be livable. Noting that everyone has a responsibility in this matter, he said, “For this, it is important to deploy industrial establishments in the right places in order for the city to be livable in the coming years. As long as the OSB is deployed in the right place. Between Bandırma and Bigadiç, it has been declared an industrial zone. If we follow these rules, it will be a beautiful city to breathe.” said.

Governor Ahmet Turhan, who also gave information about the recent investments in Balıkesir, continued as follows: “We are currently negotiating with the Chinese on boron. An important investment that will create technology transfer. An investment is being considered between Bandırma and Balıkesir. Its work is currently ongoing. In addition, a South Korean company is considering investment in boron. The extraction and processing of boron is a state monopoly. There is such a legislation, but the private sector can handle the processing of the next product. Negotiations with Eti Maden on this issue continue. If it is positive, they will come to Balıkesir. Products to be used in the defense industry and nuclear technology will be produced here.”

Noting that a local company is working in Bandırma for an investment of 250 million lira in the chemical sector, Turhan said, “This investment will reach 1 billion dollars in the coming years. It's a completely strategic investment. As of today, all of the products are imported from abroad. This company will also build an industrial vocational high school next to the factory. He will train his own staff. These facilities not only contribute to the economy, but also contribute to education. TOBB and other companies will also build schools in our city. Bandırma is very attractive for investors. Istanbul and Izmir are now full. The closest place to that area is South Marmara. It is the most convenient region in terms of transportation and port. It is a very strategic region logistically. When you look at the region, there are four airports together with Çanakkale. There are railway connections and high-speed trains.” he said.

BGC President Demir, on the other hand, thanked the former Governor Yılmaz Arslan, Governor Turhan and the members of the Provincial Assembly for their support in the allocation of the historical Pasha Mansion. Demir said, “This building is an important work from the 1800s. It is a beautiful piece of work to be shown to the guests coming to our city. Here, guests will be able to see what stages the Balıkesir press has gone through from 1886 to the present. We also accept materials with historical value to be exhibited in our museum. Balıkesir's press history is really old, but today there is a shortage of press history. We are making efforts to close this gap.” said.


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