We Can Record 300 Years of HD Movies in Our Brains…

In his presentation titled 'NBey' at Uludağ University, Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine Department of Physiology Head Assoc. Dr. Sinan Canan, stating that the brain has 2.5 million gigabytes of memory, said that this means recording an HD movie that takes 300 years.

Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine Department of Physiology Head Assoc. Dr. Sinan Canan told the students how the brain works and what it can do in a presentation called 'NBeyin'.

Noting that there are many unknowns about brain physiology and that research is still ongoing, Assoc. Dr. Sinan Canan stated that the brain is not like a computer at all. Pointing out that the number of intercellular connections in a cubic centimeter of brain tissue is higher than the stars in the Milky Way, Assoc. Dr. Canan said, “There are no two similar nerve cells in the brain. Thanks to the connection map in the brain, we all lead our lives as single and separate individuals. Cells may appear branched out. Most of the extensions are the antennae of the cells. They send signals to thousands of cells. Inside the cell there are many systems of ropes, ropeway systems and transfer rails. It has a very dense protein structure," he said.

Stating that being indifferent in the first times of life creates differences in brain development, Assoc. Dr. Canan explained that the anterior middle parts of the brain contain codes containing high personality traits, and that maladaptive and criminal personalities can emerge as a result of congenital or later damage to this information.


Comparing brain cells to soup, Assoc. Dr. Canan noted that inside the cells is a separate world. Stating that the thing that makes the nervous system functional is the relations between cells, Assoc. Dr. Sinan Canan said, “The important thing for us is not the weight of the brain, but the quality of the connections between cells and their quality. Until the 1980s, in all textbooks on the nervous system, it was told that 'the brain will not make nerve cells after birth'. There was the logic of 'When the nerve cell is dead, your brain goes away'. But today we know that many parts of our brain are capable of producing cells at full speed. The 'brain invariant myth has been shelved. Our brain has an incredible structure. So it is not like a computer. Have you ever seen that the monitor of a computer whose processor has been removed takes on the role of the processor? We have incredible potential in our brains. Everyone is asking, how much of our brain do we use? In fact, we don't use our brains at all," he said.

Stating that the functions that are reduced in different parts of the brain can be performed in other parts, Assoc. Dr. Canan emphasized that the part of the brain that allows vision to be developed by touching, in studies conducted in blind people.

'We have 2.5 gigabytes of memory'

Noting that there are people who believe that their memories are full and that some things cannot be remembered, Assoc. Dr. Canan said, “How long is the memory of humanity? There is a thought, 'Why is my memory full?' Human memory is beyond our technology. The memory location is unknown. However, we can make an estimate by analogy with a computer. There are approximately 20 billion cells in our cortex. If there are trillions of connections between them, we have about 2.5 million gigabytes of memory. As you can see, it's a huge memory. This memory means saving 300 years of HD movie. Recall a memory from primary school, go into detail. No digital film has such a resolution. In fact, our brain's memory record is unlimited," he said.

Assoc. Dr. Canan also noted that for the brain to work, the body has to pump 57 carboys of blood a day.


Source : Hurriyet

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