Scientists managed to obtain new hair from tissue samples taken from humans in a laboratory environment.

In the study published in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", researchers from Columbia University Medical Center in the USA and Durham University in England developed a breakthrough technique in the treatment of hair loss. .


The researchers, who first took cells from the skin tissues at the base of each hair follicle and tried to grow new hair from these cells, observed that the cells turned into skin instead of hair.

Discovering that the cells preserved their hair identity when placed in “three-dimensional spheroids,” the researchers transferred tissue pieces taken from seven people into these spheroids. These cells were then transplanted into human skins placed on the backs of mice.


After a six-week period, the researchers determined that in five of seven samples, new hair had emerged from the hair follicle-shaped cells. Professor at Columbia University Angela Christiano stated that the drugs currently used for baldness either slow down the loss of hair follicles or increase the growth of existing hair, but do not produce new hair.

prof. "The method we discovered has the potential to produce new hair follicles using the patient's own cells," said Christiano. The research was conducted by Prof. Colin Jahoda said, “We still need time and more research. However, after a while, baldness will become completely treatable.

prof. Jahoda pointed out that the method will also play an important role in increasing the quality of skin grafts used in severe burn cases.



Source : Hurriyet

Günceleme: 24/10/2013 14:18

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