A first was signed and a CV pool was created on the state university website.

A first was made and a CV pool was created on the state university website. The newly established Ankara Social Sciences University in Ankara broke new ground among higher education institutions. The school, which is the 6th state university in the province, announced on the official internet request, "Would you like to have your CV with us?" created the section. Candidates can apply from anywhere in Turkey.

Ankara Social Sciences University, which is accepting students this year, collects the CVs of the personnel it will recruit on its website. It has been stated that many applications have already been made to the institution, which aims to collect applications from every region of Turkey in a pool. of the university http://www.asbu.edu.tr Direct contact with the institution can be made from the section on the website homepage.
When entering the web address of the school, people who encounter 4 categories and meet the sub-conditions in them can access and fill out the resume form when they click on the link. In the system consisting of four parts, there are options "If you know a foreign language, if you have experience in computer software and web design, if you have experience in the implementation of the Bologna process, if you have experience in preparing national and international projects".
Candidates can find a place in the pool of the system through the title suitable for them. After the resumes are kept in this pool for a while, they are quickly evaluated by the higher education institution management and contact is made with those who meet the conditions and are found suitable. Candidates who want to have a CV in the university www.asbu.edu.tr You can register at.

There are 5 faculties and 5 institutes

Accepting students for the first time this year, the university consists of 5 faculties and 5 institutes. Faculties; Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Religious Sciences and Faculty of Law. Institutes are; Institute of Turkish World Studies, Institute of Oriental and African Studies, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Western World Studies and Institute of Islamic Studies.



Source : Hurriyet

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